Eater 38 list of Atlanta restaurants

Today I went to Highland Bakery in Midtown for brunch. The sweet potato pancakes were absolutely delicious, but the ambiance and customer service were unimpressive — it was basically just an office building cafe. It wasn’t until I got there that I¬†realized this wasn’t the Highland Bakery I was supposed to go to — the original and better Highland Bakery location is the one on Highland Avenue.

Still, this counts as the 13th restaurant I’ve visited that has appeared on the Eater 38 list of essential Atlanta restaurants. This list has been revised four times (that I know of), most recently earlier this month.¬†Yesterday when I was taking a break from grading (i.e. procrastinating) I made a spreadsheet of all the restaurants that have appeared on this list. If any of you are interested, here is that spreadsheet:

Eater 38 list