An experiment: Blogging about every comic book I read

It occurs to me that I really like writing about comic books, so maybe it would be fun to write a quick comment or review about each comic book I read. I don’t know if this will be sustainable in the long term, but we’ll see.

Tonight I read the following comic books:

Morning Glories #17 and #16 — I bought these months ago but didn’t bother to read them until I finished the second Morning Glories trade paperback, which has been on my to-be-read pile for almost a year. Both of these issues were fantastic. I’m really impressed both by the depth of Nick Spencer’s characterization and the emotional subtlety of Joe Eisma’s art. I accidentally read these issues out of order, but it ended up not mattering as they were both entirely self-contained.

Savage Dragon #186 and #187 — I read these in order to get caught up because #188 is coming out tomorrow. I’ve been following this series off and on for about nine years, because it’s consistently one of the most fun comics on the stands. These issues were both quite fun, but I’m starting to have some doubts about whether the series is maintaining its consistency. Erik has always had something of a problem with unflattering depictions of female characters, and I have some trouble with the way he’s been writing Angel lately. Issue #187 was rather hard to follow and was almost ruined by an experimental coloring scheme which, in my opinion, was a failed experiment.

Overall, though, I enjoyed reading all four of these comics.

I’ll try this again tomorrow when I go to the store and buy new comics.

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