Comic books read today (6/12/13)

Just two today:

GREEN LANTERN #72 – This was one of Denny O’Neil’s earlier issues of GL. This issue is a very silly story involving a space opera (not the metaphorical kind, an actual opera performed in space) and a conflict between two races called Wagnorians and Verdees. It’s kind of stupid, but at least it’s cute and not as heavy-handed as some of Denny’s more “relevant” stories. The highlight of this issue is some fairly good Gil Kane artwork.

DETECTIVE COMICS #456 – The first story in this issue is by Elliot S! Maggin, who is my favorite Superman writer, but I don’t think his work on Batman was nearly as distinguished. The story is kind of unremarkable, though it’s of some small interest from the point of view of my research, because the killer is identified by his handwriting. The backup story features Man-Bat, a character I normally like, but the story, by Martin Pasko, is rather boring. José Luis Garcia Lopez drew the first story, but it’s kind of hard to tell.

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