Comics read yesterday (6/18/13)

I felt too sick today to read any comics at all. However, I did read the following comics yesterday:

GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING #1 — In this issue of the most unfortunately named comic book of all time, the lead story is by Steve Gerber and Mike Ploog. While the art is excellent (though hampered by Frank Chiaramonte’s lifeless inking), the story is not Gerber’s best. It has some wonderfully weird moments — most notably, the Glob’s disembodied brain falling into the swamp. However, the plot, involving a cult of entropy worshippers who try to use the Glob’s power to ruin an environmentalist community, never really comes together or develops any kind of moral. This was not among Gerber’s best Man-Thing stories. The issue also includes three reprints from old Marvel monster titles. The best of these is a story featuring Goom, the Thing from Planet X, which seems almost like a prototype for the Infant Terrible story in Fantastic Four #24.

SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES #9 — In a better world, this would have been DC’s flagship title. I wish all of DC’s comics were as fun, lighthearted and exciting as this. This particular issue has a convoluted story involving Brainiac, but is most memorable for two hilarious scenes in which Superman is exposed to periwinkle kryptonite, which has the power to make Kryptonians fabulous.

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