Comics read today (6/28/13)

Three comic books today:

OPTIC NERVE #1 – Adrian Tomine shows a lot of talent in this issue, but it’s clearly an early work. The draftsmanship and even the lettering are less polished than in later issues of Optic Nerve, and the stories are less complex. I do like how most of the stories end inconclusively, producing a sense of awkwardness and incompleteness rather than satisfying closure.

EX MACHINA #44 – I started reading this series but gave up after about a year; I can’t remember why. I think I just lost interest. I bought this issue for a dollar a while ago. The story in this issue doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since it’s the conclusion of a five-issue story arc, but it’s excitingly written and beautifully drawn by Tony Harris.

OMEGA THE UNKNOWN (2007) #5 – I think the best thing about this series is actually Paul Hornschemeier’s coloring. This issue continues to follow the basic plot of the original series, with the addition of an apparently evil superhero called The Mink. There are some cute scenes here with Alex (for some reason this is the protagonist’s name instead of James Michael Starling) and a female classmate of his, and the story and writing are more polished than in the other issue I reviewed earlier. Still, I don’t like this revival nearly as much as the original series.

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