Quick review of Northlanders #6-8

I went back and read these because of recommendations from Tim Schneider and Aaron King. Brian Wood is still not my favorite writer — I find his writing rather basic and unsubtle, which I suppose can be a good thing but it doesn’t quite appeal to me. Still, this story is quite powerfully written, and Davide Gianfelice’s art packs a definite punch. I liked each of these issues enough to immediately go on and read the next one. Grade: B+


One thought on “Quick review of Northlanders #6-8

  1. Haha, I wouldn’t say I necessarily recommended them. I was mostly just trying to describe my view of what he does. I agree that he’s pretty basic and unsubtle; I don’t mind reading his stuff when I come across it, but I’ve stopped seeking it out. I might give his new all-female X-Men a chance, though.

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