List of all the major comic conventions I’ve attended

Just for my records, here is a list of all the major comic book conventions I’ve attended:

1997. 8th grade. First MCBA Fallcon
1998. 9th grade. Second MCBA Fallcon
1999. 10th grade. Only Wizard World Chicago
2000. 11th grade. Third MCBA Fallcon
2001. 12th grade. Fourth MCBA Fallcon?
2002. Freshman in college. First Comic-Con
2003. Sophomore in college. Second Comic-Con
2004. Junior in college. Third Comic-Con
2005. Senior in college. Fouth Comic-Con
2006. MA year. Fifth Comic-Con
2007. First year of Ph.D. No convention
2008. Second year of Ph.D. Sixth Comic-Con
2009. Third year of Ph.D. No convention
2010. Fourth year of Ph.D. Only Florida Super-Con
2011. Fifth year of Ph.D. First Dragon*Con
2012. First year of postdoc. Second Dragon*Con and first Heroes Con
2013. Second year of postdoc. Seventh Comic-Con and third Dragon*Con
2014. Third year of postdoc. First TCAF, second Heroes Con and eighth Comic-Con
2015. First year as VAP. Third Heroes Con, first Cincy Comic Con and first NYCC

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