Eisner picks

BEST SHORT STORY: “Go Owls” — This is the only one I’ve read but I assume it’s beter than The Oatmeal.


BEST CONTINUING SERIES: Saga obviously, but Sex Criminals is a close second. Did Nowhere Men and East of West really deserve to be nominated?

BEST LIMITED SERIES: 47 Ronin is the only one that I read, and I couldn’t get past the first issue. I need to check out Black Beetle and Colder.

BEST NEW SERIES: Sex Criminals is a clear choice, but Rat Queens and Lazarus would be good choices otherwise.

BEST PUBLICATION FOR EARLY READERS: I flipped through The Big Wet Balloon and it looked pretty good. Otherwise, I suppose Itty Bitty Hellboy.

BEST PUBLICATION FOR KIDS: I haven’t read any of these but The Adventures of Superhero Girl, Hilda and the Bird Parade, and Jedi Academy all seem deserving.

BEST PUBLICATION FOR TEENS: A tough category. I suppose I’d vote for Battling Boy because March doesn’t seem to me like a book specifically intended for teens. I haven’t read Boxers and Saints yet.

BEST HUMOR PUBLICATION: I think You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack is a higher-quality piece of work than Vader’s Little Princess.

BEST ANTHOLOGY: I haven’t read any of these. Nobrow: Hysteria is the most interesting one on the list.

BEST DIGITAL/WEBCOMIC: No selection. I think it’s a shame that The Oatmeal was nominated.

BEST REALITY-BASED WORK: March is obviously the book of the year. Otherwise Hip Hop Family Tree would be an excellent choice although I haven’t read it yet.

BEST GRAPHIC ALBUM: NEW – I haven’t read any of these and I haven’t heard of half of them. The Encyclopedia of Early Earth seems like an obvious choice.

BEST ADAPTATION FROM ANOTHER MEDIUM: I haven’t heard of most of these. I expect Parker will win hands down, but The Strange Tale of Panorama Island would be an interesting choice.

BEST GRAPHIC ALBUM: REPRINT – This ballot includes two books I’m not familiar with and several that I don’t think deserve to win. I suppose I’d vote for Hand-Drying in America, even though I haven’t read it, because I didn’t much like Julio’s Day when it was being serialized.

BEST ARCHIVAL COLLECTION/PROJECT – STRIPS – Barnaby is an obvious choice here since it was one of the comic strips that was most in need of reprinting. I haven’t read any of the items on the ballot.

BEST ARCHIVAL COLLECTION/PROJECT – COMIC BOOKS: Again I haven’t read any of these. I guess I’d vote for Canteen Kate because it sounds like something that deserevd to be back in print.

BEST U.S. EDITION OF INTERNATIONAL MATERIAL – I have not read any of these. The one that I’d most like to read is When David Lost His Voice.

BEST U.S. EDITION OF INTERNATIONAL MATERIAL: ASIA – Again nothing here that I’ve read, but The Heart of Thomas is the one work here that was most in need of translation.

BEST WRITER – Brian K. Vaughan. Eric Stesphenson is a very surprising nominee.

BEST WRITER/ARTIST – Jaime Hernandez, I guess. I’ve never heard of Matt Phelan.

BEST PENCILER/INKER OR PENCILER/INKER TEAM – Nate Powell. I don’t think any of the others deserve it. There are things I like about Emma Rios’s artwork, but I don’t think she’s an Eisner-quality artist yet.



BEST COLORING – Dave Stewart, I guess, though I have no particular preference.

BEST LETTERING – Carla Speed McNeil. Possibly Ed Piskor.

BEST COMICS-RELATED PERIODICAL/JOURNALISM – Multiversity Comics. I wish The Outhousers had been nominated.

BEST COMICS-RELATED BOOK – no idea. None of these look all that great.

BEST SCHOLARLY/ACADEMIC WORK – The Superhero Reader probably. Did Comics and the Senses come out too late to be nominated?

BEST PUBLICATION DESIGN: I haven’t seen any of these books, but The Great War seems like a clear choice.

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