Open letter to Eric Stephenson

I just sent the following letter to Eric Stephenson:

Dear Mr. Stephenson,

As a comics fan and scholar who regularly teaches Image comics in college courses, I would like to urge you in the strongest possible terms to condemn Roc Upchurch’s recent alleged spousal abuse and to disavow any further association with him. In your public statements as the publisher of America’s leading independent comic book company, you have come out powerfully against misogyny and in favor of greater inclusion of women in the comics industry. I hope that you will act in accordance with these positions by publicly disassociating yourself from a man who beat his wife, and tried to excuse having done so on the grounds that he was angry with her. I will be posting this letter to my Facebook page.

Best wishes,

Aaron Kashtan, Ph.D.

I will be happy to retract this letter if it turns out that the allegations against Roc Upchurch are false, but I feel that it’s my responsibility, as a comics fan who enjoys male privilege, to speak out against this sort of behavior.

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